D600 RAW is not much better than A900

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Re: D600 RAW is not much better than A900

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DPR has added D600 studio image to their database for us to compare different cameras. When I looked the RAW up to ISO3200, I don't really see meaningful difference between D600, 5D3, D800 and A900. These new generation sensors might be one stop better than A900 in therms of high ISO. Did I miss anything? http://www.dpreview.com/previews/nikon-d600/7

One stop is quite a bit of difference. And what the DPR comparison tool doesn't show is Dynamic Range, and to an extent Color Depth. DR is the area that cameras like the D800 and D600 excel offering sometimes as much as 3 EV better than the competitors, as is the case with the 5D3 and D800 (5D3 will give you max of 11 EV DR and the D600/D800 14+ EV DR). This is huge. So while you may not be able to see these things, if you worked with files from each of these cameras you would see that the raws from the Nikons are extremely malleable, allowing you to add and subtract light without introducing ugly banding like with the 5D II and III.

I would suggest you go over to DxOMark and compare 3 cameras you are interested in with their Comparison Tool. It's quite illuminating, and I think you'll see that the two newest Nikon's are the absolute cream of the crop for FF DSLRs. Good luck.

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