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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

Blackburn11 wrote:

Let me ask this, would an old manual focus prime f1.8 be comparable IQ-wise to a newer prime with the same focal length and aperture?

most older primes should be nearly as sharp as any newer lens. close enough, i am sure, that any deficiency would be made up by the benefit of having a wider aperture to play with compared to the anticipated 18-135. some will be sharper than a new lens.

another aspect of image quality may be more variable than just sharpness. some older lenses (and some new ones, too) show color fringing where bright parts meet darker parts. this characteristic varies by lens.

short answer to your question, though, is yeah.

there are a few dogs, so figure out which focal length you would like to try and ask specifically. people here will tell you if a particular lens is good. some people here have tried other manufacture brands of old lenses and might be able to give you a tip for a good lens that cost even less.

most people will recommend 35mm or 50mm as a starting point. they are good points.. i kinda like 28mm as a "normal" lens rather than 35mm.

i would try for an "A" series lens because, although manual focus, this series lens lets you set aperture with the camera. it is convenient. a non-Pentax lens would be advertised as PKA mount.

other manual focus seriess are M or K. the lenses that are plain old K typically don't have a letter in the name. these two lens series require you to set the aperture on the lens. you use the aperture ring on the lens to do this. then there is a routine to measure exposure before you take a picture. the routine isn't hard, but it is less convenient.

an A50 f/1.7 has auto aperture
M135 f/3.5 is manual aperture
24 f/2.8 is manual aperture (K lens and so no A or M)
all are manual focus.

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