Here's what Canon is saying about number of pixels

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Try to understand what I am claiming for second.

In the conversation you began talking about square inches. That is not what I was talking about. Yes 10 x 10 = 100 square inches and 20 x 20 = 400 (4x the area). I was never talking about that.

I said 36mp is 28% more than 22mp. When you resample it increases in size on width and height. For example 100 on width to 110 is a 10% increase. In DSLRs when you take width and height and then multiply those numbers that is where the term MP comes from.

36mp is not a 61% resolution increase over 22mp. It is approximately 28% higher resolution.

The D800 on width is 7360, the 5Diii is 5760. This is a resolution difference of approximately 28%.

In order to get 61% increase over the 5D the width would have to be 9,273.

Do the same thing with height 3840 of 5Diii x 161% = 6182

Take those numbers 9,273 x 6184 = 57,344,232 or in mp terms 57.3mp. So a 61% advantage in resolution over the 22mp 5diii would require a 57.3mp sensor.

So lets take what I am saying. I am saying there is an (approximately) 28% advantage in resolution of 36mp over 22. So lets do the math.

5760 x 1.28 = 7372
3840 x 1.28 = 4915

7372 x 4915 = 36,233,380 or in MP terms 36.2 mp

28% is a rough estimate, but when you compare these numbers to the 36.3mp resolution of the D800 (7360 x 4907) you will see I am correct in the statement I was originally making....

That statement is..... THIRTY SIX MEGA PIXEL IS ONLY 28% MORE RESOLUTION THAN 22MP!!!!!!!!

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