Is Fuji Done with the OVF

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Re: Is Fuji Done with the OVF

I think it also depends upon how individuals use their cameras. I have an X100 and, whilst I love the OVF, I use the camera exclusively with the one-shot AF button with the camera set to manual focus as I find this method to be far more effective to any AF mode on the camera whilst shooting street photography. I will focus once and then just leave it, relying upon DoF unless the subject moves considerably. The problem comes with not knowing if I have actually achieved any kind of focus at all as the OVF does not give me any indication in MF mode like a DSLR or true Rangefinder would. So I end up relying upon the EVF to "see" what's in focus and don't mind it at all. The XE1 interests me a lot from this point of view. I like the look of the X100 and XPRO1 with their OVF windows as part of the front design but, as they are not true rangefinders, I'd much rather have a considerably cheaper camera, or one that has other useful features like interchangeable lenses on the XE1, instead of the OVF that I would just never use.

I know I may put a few noses out of joint as there has already been considerable discussion on this topic but, to me, and contrary to popular opinion, the XE1 seems more like a replacement X100 rather than a cut-down XPRO1. I feel this is the case because of the overall look and dimensions of the new camera and the fact that Fuji will want to produce more interchangeable lens cameras rather than fixed lens cameras because they will want existing X100 customers and new customers to buy into their interchangeable lens "system" and make them more profit. There may be an X200 with a fixed lens in a couple of years from now which, like the X100 at the moment, will be treated as a niche collector's camera by Fujifilm. I may be wrong and kind of hope I am because I love the fixed lens on the X100 as it compliments my Canon QL17 which is a fixed lens rangefinder from the 1970s and the 35mm lens on the X100 is the perfect focal length for roaming the streets.

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