Anyone use a Nikon VR macro lens on a bellows?

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Re: Anyone use a Nikon VR macro lens on a bellows?

putting it on bellows without nikon pins and connections on it means VR wont work because it's not getting any power from the camera.

Taking a 30-second exposure with the camera presumably on a rigid support of somekind is recommended against by everyone who has VR in lenses/bodies. I think it's because the systems assume movement and try to work regardless of whether there is movement or not. I've seena few tests and VR turned on on a tripod results in more blur than with it turned off.

I've seen a few setups of very-high-mag macro and the best setup seems to be to buy a heavy chipboard base and find a way to fix your camera and subject to that base so that when wobbles occur both camera and subject wobble about at roughly the same time and rate. Other than could try combining multiple exposures if you need light from different angles, there are plenty of methods and even dedicated programs for doing it...i cant speak for any though as i've never done it

Bunza wrote:

My setup: Nikon D7000, PK-13 extension ring, PB-4 Tilt/Shift Bellows, old micro-Nikkor 105mm f2.8 with an aperture ring, aluminum Gitzo GT-3330 tripod with Manfrotto 410 head.

My process: Compose and focus at f2.8, stop down to f8, take pic in Aperture priority mode using wireless remote and camera set to delay mirror lock up.

My problem: Vibration.
My exposures are often 30 seconds.

I'm in an old building with a wobbly floor so at full bellows extension I get camera shake when a truck drives by or if I even breath.

I'm wondering if a new micro-Nikon 105mm f2.8 VR lens would solve my vibration problem.

I foresee two issues:

1. This new lens does not have an aperture ring (G-series) so putting a bellows between the body and lens interrupts the electrical contacts so the aperture cannot be controlled. But Novoflex adaptor "Leinik NT" may give me aperture control of a G lens if I can find an adaptor that fits between it and the bellows. Accroding to the Novoflex distributor I talked to today his mystery adaptor would need to have nikon lens mount on one side and Leica 39mm female screw threads on the other side.
Does anyone know if such an adaptor exists?

2. With the bellows between the lens and the body I assume the VR feature won't even work without power from the body.

So, I don't think I can use this lens on any bellows because nobody, even Novoflex, makes a bellows that connects the electrical contacts from a Nikon body to the lens.


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