Should forum posts be subject to "popular fiat" ?

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Re: Should forum posts be subject to "popular fiat" ?

Detail Man wrote:

In reading about DPR's currently planned procedures included within the published text describing:
"Major update to dpreview forums coming soon":

... there is one particular element planned that I think may interest - as well as perhaps evoke diverse and varying opinions from - DPR members who post on DPReview forums. Based upon:

Voting on threads and individual posts ...

... Post contents will be hidden if down-voted enough .

It is hard to know how to interpret this use of the term "hidden" . The term "hidden" does not appear anywhere else in the text of the web-page. ( If ) the term "hidden" refers to an inability for readers to access the text of any given post despite any and all efforts to do so, I suspect that the implications might well give some pause, and perhaps be food for thought, as well as discussion

It is not clear to me what "hidden" implies. ( If ) it implies the equivalent of post deletion based solely on how many particularly interested (but anonymous) members may have elected to (with whatever motivations, for whatever reasons) merely "push a button", such would seem troubling.

I see that:

Community mods – better moderation, based on feedback

... is planned. Such processes (it is surely hoped) implies and involves some level of accountability for actions taken. On the other hand, ( if ) individual posts ( may ) become unreadable due to any number of unaccountable actions on the part of any number of unaccountable individuals, such a situation might (IMO) be reasonably described as subjecting all forum content to " popular fiat ":

1. a command or act of will that creates something without or as if without further effort .

3. an authoritative or arbitrary order .


While we might all perhaps (at times) feel that our personal opinions exist within a majority opinion , there might well be times when the converse may be true. I am interested to hear all diverse opinions surrounding such a ( possible ) interpretation of the term "hidden" in DPR's published text.

Great, that should mean the end of your drivel.

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