Overheating NEX7

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Re: Overheating NEX7

Well, If your just finding this out, I feel for you, it's sad that Sony does not address this major flaw! I'm really in a quandary as of what ti do about it!

Nothing works in regards to what you may read as possible fixes either. It overheats for me all over the place, could be 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 20 minutes, some time the heat indicator comes on, then shuts the camera down, other times it doesn't, some times it just shuts down with out any warning at all, I'm not the only one with this issue, ALL the NEX cameras have this issue, it's just that some people don't care about video so it's a non-issue for them. STAY AWAY FROM NEX FOR VIDEO!!

NO, it doesn't , matter what memory card, what ISO, battery reset, big lens or small lens, hot room or cold room, direct sun or shade. It flat will overheat, and Sony has no fix on the horizon that I know of, I'm majorly frustrated about this on my Nex-7.

I also purchased a Sony VG-20 E-mount camcorder, this works pretty nice, and will even be better when Sony gets serious about releasing some glass. I'm seriously thinking of selling my Nex-7 because of it, It's sad because the Ideal usage of the NEX-7 for me was for 2 cameras with interchangeable lens's, one very small and light for a B-Roll camera and one as the main camera. Sony really messed up here.

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