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Re: XPro1 or XE1

Hi Amy,

I think I'd stick with the XE-1, especially in light of what you've said about your shooting preferences. I have the X-Pro1 and like it a lot, but the viewfinder is not without its annoyances. First of all, the OVF is not that accurate. It "underframes" the scene considerably (at least it does on my 35mm), meaning that you will have to crop a good bit to duplicate the composition you saw in the VF, so you might as well be shooting a 12MP camera instead of a 16MP camera unless your brain can learn how to ignore the framing line. Secondly, for the style of street shooting I do (which is my main reason for having the Fuji), I need AF to work as fast as possible. For whatever reasons, the EVF locks AF noticeably faster than the OVF, so I find myself using the EVF quite a bit when fast AF is a priority. The bottom line here is that the X-E1's EVF may be the best option. I have an X-E1 on order also and will probably keep both :).

Best wishes,

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