Which One of these Bridge Cameras Would You Take or You Think is the BEST?

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Re: Which One of these Bridge Cameras Would You Take or You Think is the BEST?

Nalajr wrote:

Hey all,

I am wanting to get back into photography. Been out of it for 15+ years.

I think the best setup for me are the Bridge type cameras. They offer the best set of features and flexibility for the least amount of up front cost. They are light and can be taken virtually everywhere you go and allow you to take pics anytime you see something you want to preserve. Sure I'd love to have a full frame DSLR, but I am not knowledgeable to utilize one right now, and I can't afford one.

When someone says they want a superzoom, they usually want a superzoom. But when someone says they want a "bridge" camera, a lot of times they don't quite seem to realize that -
1. A bridge camera is just a superzoom
2. It's image quality is slightly worse than you'll get with non superzooms.
3. They're still kind of huge compared to other compacts

4. Again - their image quality is, if anything, slightly worse than other compacts because of their zoom range
5. They don't perform as well in low light as the better low light compacts

It depends which you want more - extra optical zoom, or better low light performance? And do you want something more portable?

If you're interested in shooting in indoor lighting, all cameras struggle with it, but the Canon s100 and Sony rx100 are the best out right now - and are definitely better than a superzoom for that stuff, plus a tiny bit better in regular light shooting. The s100 is a little smaller - I carry mine in my jeans pocket 24/7. The rx100 is a little thicker, and it's more expensive, but it's better at low light with a bigger sensor.

Both these cameras have auto modes, full manual modes, shoot raw, and are generally respected as giving you the top image quality you can get for anything near their size.

Just wanted to point this out. It depends where your priorities are - more optical zoom, or better low light performance in a smaller camera.

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