XPro1 or XE1

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Re: XPro1 or XE1

I hate the OVF and bitch about it all day long ....but I never once thought of letting pro1 go ....in fact , I bought it once, sold it telling myself I can't never live with that sh!t and bought the omd. But end up selling omd and getting pro1 back yet lol

This xe1 better delivers the same IQ, I'll be damned if I had to buy back pro1 for the 3rd time

framus wrote:

It all comes down to what you like for the viewfinder.

I got the X-pro1 in order to have a tool that had a 'rangefinder style' means of creating a picture. I seldom use the EVF. If I want a through-the-lens tool I can use my Canon DSLR (languishing on the shelf).

If you are agnostic about the viewfinder the X-E1 seems like the way to go.

If you know you really want an OVF the X-pro1 is the bees knees.

Some seem to have been frustrated by the OVF as they seem unfamiliar with the effects of parallax and how frame-lines work. Avoid the OVF if you expect DSLR like precision.

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