XPro1 or XE1

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Re: XPro1 or XE1

Don't get me wrong , I also enjoy pro1 a lot. The IQ of this baby is outstanding....

But just kinda irritate me when I had to worry about the damn aligment , Focus point and composing all at one go. Firmware 2.0 helps a lot in the focus department but I'm sure u do realize sometimes back focus issue still happens despite using selective af points , right ? EVF helps immediate to see the focus is not right and I can instantly refocus . Even that is already time waste , not to mention using OVF where I can't tell if it's really in focus something.

And yeah , your right ....I should had waited. But I wouldn't had sold it for a good price if xe1 is out and confirm better. I'll take the gamble..... lol

Wish me luck

Bmat wrote:

I have an xp1. I enjoy it a lot.

That said, I would have gotten an xe1 if its EVF works well, and the refresh rate works well in practice and it was available. I mainly use the OVF on my xp1, but the EVF isn't all that great on the xp1. So if the EVF is better or equal to the OMDs then I would probably have gotten an xe1 if it had available--since the frame lines at times annoy me on my xp1.

So, I think I would wait if I were you to either see and try an xe1 in person, or at the very least wait for there to be a bevy of user reports in the EVF and any lag on that system.

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