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Re: I'm selling XPro-1 for XE-1...


And I thought I'm the only crazy one to have sold my pro1 while waiting for my ex-1, haha

I'm hoping the jpeg quality that comes out from the new xe-1 will be as good as pro1 if not I'll be kicking myself so hard . And betting that the new 23mm f1.4 is as good as the 35mm f1.4 , it's just too tight for indoor to shoot my kids around with the 35mm most of the time. And for the fund I get for selling , I most prolly had to top up a bit and I would get a better evf with 18-55 and 23mm

And yes, honestly..... The OVF is crap. I mean why do user had to deal with this alignment error sh!t while trying to compose my photo ..

Photos-Mike wrote:
I use the EVF exclusively, and the XE-1 EVF is much better than the XPro-1.

The reason I'm doing this is because of the really bad omission in the XPro-1 of a diopter adjustment setting. If any camera in the world ever needed a variable diopter setting it's the X-Pro1 and it doesn't have it.

I am long-sighted and need glasses for reading. I have a set of glasses with transitional lenses, with reading magnification at the bottom. I can use the OVF with these glasses and then review on the back LCD. But, when I want to use the EVF, (when I do macros / close-ups the camera switches to the EVF), I have to squint into the viewfinder to work via the bottom of my glasses, and it doesn't work. In the end I have stuck to the EVF and I've had to purchase a Nikon diopter that lets me look into the viewfinder comfortably.

Another issue I foresee with the OVF is that when the zooms are available, especially the longer ones, it's going to be really tricky with the OVF and framing.

So, if I'm only going to use the EVF, I may as well use the better one.

DRabbit wrote:

I'm having a hard time with this choice.

I have a chance to buy an XPro-1 + 35mm f/1.4 for $1999. It's new.

I already have an XE-1 pre-ordered.

I can't afford both.

My favorite camera is the Leica M8. I can't afford an M-E. I've been watching Fuji for the last year and got a used x100 in the last few months and love it. Though I love shooting with the M8, you'd assume I use the OVF on the x100, but I end up using the EVF 90% of the time.

Size and weight difference between the XE-1 and XPro1 are probably negligible for my purposes - though I'm usually the gal that says "the smaller the better".

Biggest concern is that I do plan on using my M-lenses from time-to-time... and I wonder if the better EVF on the XE-1 would be better suited for that.

What do you think? What would YOU do?


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