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One question. Do you want less (shallower) depth of field (DOF) or more control over depth of field?

A crop sensor camera (any crop sensor camera) will have shallower DOF compared to a Full Frame camera such as a Nikon D4 - when using the same lens, same f-stop at the same distance from the subject as can be shown with tools like DOFMaster. If you want shallower DOF then moving to a camera system like the V1 or Pentax Q will give you that.

If you want more control over DOF then the choice about what to use starts with distance from subject, lens focal length, then aperture setting.

Per the same focal length/aperture/distance, 4/3 (or any crop camera) will give you less (shallower) DOF range to play with than Full Frame. However, m4/3 will give you a larger selection of lenses and range of focal lengths than your Nex does at the moment.

If you want more control over DOF then go with the system that gives you the best choice of lenses (focal length, quality and “character”), regardless of the sensor size.

You don't know what you are talking about, do you?

lol, the guy probably just woke up

You guys aren't reading what he or she is writing. He is talking about using the same lens on a FF and a MFT and at the same focus distance and aperture, and he or she is completely correct that the DoF on the MFT will be half that on the FF. Obviously, the angle of view will be different, and as such it isn't that useful a comparison

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