Don't blame yourself for those Autofocus problems.

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Re: Don't blame yourself for those Autofocus problems.

So, the box your camera came in had two very important items - 1) Instruction Manual (I suggest reading it). 2) A Warranty Card (do fill it out)

I had the backfocus issue with my D7000 and it drove me crazy. I read post after post until I figured out how important #1 and #2 are. So, after registering your camera, send it in to the service department (you'll have to pay UPS to ship, but that's it). They made adjustments and sent it back to me. My lenses still need in the range of -2 to +2 for sharp focus, but I'm guessing that's why the adjustment is available on a per lens basis in camera (back to #1, instruction manual very important).

So yes, you are all correct (user error and equipment issues) - however, they can both be resolved without any great turmoil using Nikon provided solutions.


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