seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

hey there.
i am just plodding through the thread making posts.

i also like to enjoy getting ready to spend money. it can be almost as enjoyable as spending it. once spent, you do not read a review for 12 months. say it. out loud.

for used lenses, i have had good luck with KEH. they may cost more than eBay, but they are a business based in Atlanta. i have ordered a few lenses and a camera. i also managed to find some good deals at a local camera store. they had some old Pentax lenses.

i would not buy a manual focus lens thinking to save money over an AF lens. if you really like it, you will begin to wish it would move itself. i would buy one for fun to play with.

oh, not that Atlanta makes KEH special.
i mean they are a real business that happens to be in ATL.

Blackburn11 wrote:

Great points. Feeling confident with my decision. Thanks for your comments.

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