By George I think they've got it! Richmond fixes D800e

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By George I think they've got it! Richmond fixes D800e

A couple of weeks ago I posted that I was sending my D800e off to Richmond, London for an attempt at fixing the left side AF. I had previous multiple fails on my D800 repairs, then got a refund, and always figured I would hold off the D800e until news was more positive about the ability of Nikon repairs centres to fix this particular fault.

The original examples, pre-fix we're posted here:

And the curious might want to open that thread in a new tab so they can compare before and afters.

It was returned to me yesterday and the results seem very much better, and better than any repair they managed on the D800.

In the same order as the previous post they are:
Centre Point Viewfinder AF
Right Point Viewfinder AF
Right Point Live View AF
Left Point Viewfinder AF
Left Point Live View AF

I need to run a couple more tests but in short, to me this looks like the left point now performs as well as the right, and the right is no worse that it was before the fix. It seems to me to indicate that whatever the quiet roll-out is, it has now reached the UK and other people can now send theirs in.

Tests with 28mm f1.8g at f1.8 on d800e with three second delay, on Arca cube tripod and gitzo carbon fibre tripod. Shots representative of larger series chosen. This lens is characterised by some mid-field weakness, and aberrations wide open, so I think these are quite good results...

Thank you Nikon!

Minor fly in the ointment is that my 24-120, back for its second attempt at a fix for a blurry right hand side, is still not right. Better, but still certainly softer on the right...

One step at a time!

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