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Re: again: Iphone bone

Jim in Hudson wrote:

Scott, have you played around with the Studio Comparison Tool on this website?

Scott (not Jim), the camera comparison tool is a good thing. it has some limitations, though. there are some dark areas in the scene used, but it is well lit and not terribly dynamic.

i am not trying to dissuade you from the FZ camera. i had an FZ5 and liked it a lot. i am sure the newer camera is worlds better. i am posting a couple links to illustrate some characteristics of cameras with smaller sensors.

this picture was taken with a point and shoot. i don't know a thing about the camera and i am sure the newer cameras do better. the sky does have a coloring that can be a hint a camera with less dynamic range has been used. i figure your FZ will do better, but take a look at the sky in pictures you compare. if they look fine, and they may, great. the picture i am linking to is a fine picture, itself. it is just the first one i can think of with the sky..

here is a comparison of the IPhone5 and a Nikon D3. a Nikon D3 is supposed to be a good camera and it better be. it costs a lot.

in the comparison, they say the IPhone does as well as the D3. scroll down to the pictures of the dinosaur and it looks like the IPhone does. but, look closer. at the top center and right above the blue box in the IPhone picture, the light shining on the wall looks odd... the light in the D3 picture looks less odd. the D3 picture does need contrast added. it will look more appealing then. there is no mention of color accuracy. the IPhone bones look a little red. but i have little experience with museum bones. i doubt the museum has purple light shining on the wall above the dino rump. anyway, challenging circumstances for either system.

these things like the sky or the light on the wall matter more or less to whoever wants which camera. perhaps the IPhone fellow didn't notice. maybe he didn't care.

i don't say turn away from the FZ. just pointing out differences to consider. they may be insignificant to you. one difference might not be apparent; the FZ may do blue sky just fine.

also, not saying you need a dSLR. the mirrorless APS-C cameras have the same size sensor as the K30. the micro 4/3 should perform noticeably different from the compact cameras, too. but they will not perform noticeably different all the time. times when the light is not even, when things get darker, considering depth of field, etc. are times when the difference begins to show.

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