seeking some advice regarding a purchase

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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

well, maybe. better to use the extra range of a lens you have for 10% of your pictures than to contemplate buying another lens to get those 10%.

Blackburn11 wrote:

.. Going to regret it if I take 90% of my photos between 18-55, but I think I will make use of the 18-135 to warrant the cost.

another fellow mentioned the 18-55 could be a little short for family stuff. i have tried family Christmas pictures once. from across a fairly large room, i did wish to have 70-90mm from time to time. less moving toward someone. anyway, no real experience, but i think you would appreciate a bit more reach than 55mm without having to swap a lens.

also, who wants to change lenses when Christmas cards sprinkled in glitter are being passed around? glitter bombs. glitter everywhere. for weeks. grump.

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