Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

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Re: Is Samsung leaving mirrorless market?

tecnoworld wrote:

I also hope that the next NX body will be the one that will finally compete head to head with NEX and Fuji. The problem is "when" it comes out. If Samsung waits too much, a lot of ppl looking for mirrorless cameras will already have bought into a system, which likely will not be the NX one. And the "system change" costs will be too high for them to step to NX.

Right. To compare 1st hand NX2NEX, i just ordered an C3 body (same sensor as 5N, but w/ a slower engine hence perhaps a tad lower noise) and the required adapters to use the same Nikkor glass on it as on the NX100. By reading the UM i already found a significantly inferior IMHO user interface vs. NX, though a fairer comparison would've been the 5N.

My main IQ metrics are not in RAW, but OOC JPG, under ISO 400, and then 800-3200, all w/ manual glass. Again, the NX1000 would better compete vs. the superb 16Mp Exmor. But the NEX-C3 new was $225 (body), which is about in the NX100 price class.

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