Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

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Re: Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

The idea of quoting and discussing a few bullet points from this two-year-old Rockwell review is silly. The really big news (at the time) about this review was that it existed at all, and that it contained some positive comments.

Rockwell historically made a strict habit of ignoring and/or dismissing Sony DSLRs on his site. But with the advent of the A55 he was forced to acknowledge that something very important had happened. Although he a) did not like the A55 himself, preferring the behavior of his Nikon and Canon cameras (his own preferences and biases may have nothing to do with yours or mine), and b) also wrote some incorrect things concerning the A55, the idea that he took some time to study the camera and actually wrote some positive things about it was a revelation. Just file this review away as a historical milestone and read the much more balanced and objective reviews on dpreview and imaging-resource.

Here's another of Rockwell's quotes to keep in mind...

"I wouldn't buy one of these, but that's just me. If you want something similar to a DSLR, but with better video, 10 frames per second and great GPS tagging, check this out. I'm all about photography, not gimmicks like crummy video or GPS tagging for intelligence gathering.

The A55 is a nice taste of what cameras might become in a few years when Nikon and Canon offer professional models with pellicle mirrors."

That last sentence is a real killer.

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