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Ahhhhhh Chris, thank you! Yes your acronyms are spot on

The JML I was referring to is the JML Optical f/3.5, a wide field imaging lens. Rarer than hens teeth as it was a specialty item put out by JML Optical, but if you're an extreme macro anorak like me you may have come across it. 500lpm... yes, really.

Componon 28 f/4 is a 6 element enlarger lens, reversed it is a very nice extreme macro lens.

EFSC means you basically avoid 'mirror slap' which can lead to softness at various exposure times. Good for extreme macro

Nikon E2 - a gadget that you can mount on the end of an old Nikon lens to let you stop down just before you take the shot. Ie means you can focus without being stopped down which is rather splendid as it means you can actually see what the heck you're doing if you're using f/11!

I don't use 50/1.7 anymore, no. I've moved onto other toys, ie all the above =). Seems to be working for me too, my stuff is doing ok -

chris gunn wrote:

Nass wrote:

I shoot with Pentax, despite that I do just fine. Have a look here:

I've been admiring your work for.. years? You inspired me to get a reverse lens mount.

Pleased to see you post here

But, and I hate to say it, if you're serious about pursuing macro, Pentax is about the worst choice, because of limited features and limited accessories. The bodies are good, the macro lenses are good, but once you get into extreme macro there are issues. Lack of accessories, poor flash system and choices, 49mm thread (most adaptors fit 52), and so on. No efsc. No nikon E2 stop down component. The list goes on.

Microdetail wise I doubt Pentax is any worse or better than others, but the best microdetail in macro isn't done by lenses from either camp but by stacked shots using high quality optics like a componon 28, jml 21mm and so on. And in terms of getting good work out it's trial and error using the incam settings and PP software.

And, just to finish off with some complete heresy, in terms of a system that really supports macro well, Canon is surely your best bet. It's the only brand that has mp-e 65 with dedicated twin flash.

Had to search to see what you are talking about:

jml 21mm . A microscope lens?

componon 28 is a Schneider lens. Dedicated for macro without any focusing.

efsc == Electronic first shutter curtain. A solution for SLR vibration issues with microscope mounted camera.

nikon E2 stop down component [long discontinued] Nikon E2 ring. It has a diaphragm lever, and can be used with the original Nikon F cable release.

So, do you still use the 50/1.7?

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