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Re: seeking some advice regarding a purchase

i have read only the first page in flat view.
no threaded view. mea culpa.
so, i don't know if you have already made a decision or not.

first, to simplify things, forget about prime lenses. the 35/2.4 is great and costs less. the 50/1.8 is great and cost less. some lenses are great and cost more. until you are ready to buy, don't worry. there is no choice now that will effect this future purchase. buy either an 18-55 or 18-135 now, and you may or may not buy the 35/2.4 in the future.

what will affect future purchases is the answer to this: will you want a focal length longer than 200mm ?

you mentioned you can get the 18-55+50-200 for less than the 18-135. you mentioned you might buy a 17-50/2.8 later.. if you do that, you will have spent more on the 18-55+50-200+17-50... i would shelve the 17-50 to consider later. you might prefer it to a prime lens.

for 18-135 or 18-55+50+200, you would have more reach with the latter, of course. to pair with the 18-135, you could use a Tamron or Sigma 70-300. there are pluses and minuses and debates compared to the Pentax 55-300, but they also cost about $200. so, for the 18-135+70-300, you could spend about $370 more than the 18-55+50-200. granted, this wouldn't be a Pentax 70-300... i see the 55-300 is $355 at B&H. the Tamron 70-300, at $150 less, isn't as clear a deal as it used to be...

the 18-135 will well overlap the 70-300 and this will minimise lens changes and that sounds important. later, if you do decide to get something like a 17-50/2.8 rather than a prime lens, the 18-135 will still be different enough to not be redundant. the 18-55 will have been made pretty much redundant by a 17-50...

the 18-135 might be long enough for you. if you want a longer lens, buy a 70-300 or a 55-300.. this will cost you $370-520 more than the 18-55+50-200 and is as about as long as you can go without spending a good bit of money.

if you think the 50-200 will be long enough and want to save the money to put toward a 17-50/2.8 or a prime lens, then this is good. if 200mm turns out to not be long enough, then you will later feel drawn to buy a 70-300.. making the 50-200 redundant.

anyway, lots of words.

i think you need to decide (as best you can) if you think you will want a lens longer than 200mm. decide this and then you can decide on your initial kit of 18-55+50-200 or start with the 18-135 to add a 70-300 lens later.

this is a tough decision, but i think it is the one to answer. pick the 200mm and less branch/route or work toward the 200-300mm path... if you want longer than 200mm, will you have the extra $370-520 for the 70-300? it wouldn't need to be spent at once. you just need to pick a path.

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