Sharing my unique camera bag set up!

Started Sep 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Sharing my unique camera bag set up!

goshxii wrote:

It's unique all right, and since it's exactly fits your needs you are probably satisfied, but for $130+ (it that how much you paid, at least according to Amazon prices) there are better, cheaper and more specialized variants...Why reinventing the wheel and pay premium?

Bags are obviously a very personal choice, but I sympathise with the OP because in 20 years of looking I haven't found a specialised variant that I thought was exactly what I wanted. Each year I check to see what Kata, LowePro, ThinkTank and many far more obscure manufacturers have released but to no avail. So I'd be happy to pay a premium if I was going to get the bag that I want, and as I'm currently changing camera system it's prompting me to look again. An advantage of smaller camera systems is that the specialisation needed is far easier to accommodate in a regular bag, so I'm shifting my thinking a bit and may myself go down the custom route.

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