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No I haven't tried the K30 sorry


no I haven't tried the K30 sorry.

I can manage nice shots with my DSLR but there are so many issues with a DSLR that I'm not going to buy another one, period. At the time I had bought the D7k because it felt good in the hand mostly, and the UI seemed more intuitive than that on Canon.

Some of the issues with DSLRs:

  • too heavy and bulky. I like to be able to take a camera any and everywhere. With a DSLR this is not possible, clearly not.

  • too fragile. Oh sure some DSLRs are weather-resistant and all. But so what, my iPhone or a superzoom fit in a pocket so if the weather is bad they stay protected in the pocket between shots. And if it rains or snows their smaller lens front has a much lower chance to get dirty quickly.

  • too inflexible: sure I can change lenses - provided I have a lens bag with me, which adds even more to the bulk and weight. I'm on a hike with a zoom lens and I want a macro of an interesting tiny fossil, I can't get it - on the other hand my iPhone or superzoom can do this at once. And so on.

  • AF not precise enough / not fast enough in various instances. The worst is with landscapes, where my D7k has this very slow CDAF that also often fails to lock focus (and that's before I mention that the metering exposes 1/3 to 2/3rds stop brighter in CDAF vs PDAF, unless one puts the viewfinder block on meaning several minutes to take a decent landscape shot during a hike...)

  • cannot film with AF, nor zoom while filming, nor record stereo sound. I never bought my D7k for this primary purpose, but still at times it would be nice. But I need to take out my iPhone or superzoom for this.

So I'll keep my D7k for places I can get to by car and also carry the bag of lenses with the said car, and for portraits with the great 85mm f1.4. But I'll never again be in the market for that obsolete over 50 year-old design.

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