Marumi Filter + Lens Hood X10

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Re: Marumi Filter + Lens Hood X10

I have the Marumi Circular Polarizer that's made specifically for the X10. Here's a couple of my shots with it (no lens hood).

I absolutely LOVE it. It's the best CPL I've ever used (I've used different versions of Hoya ones and Promaster ones before). It's also the highest rated brand of CPL's out there, and I can definitely see why. I want one for all of my lenses.

The X10 version is SO TINY and thin, but it is the ONLY CPL that will work on the X10. I tried a 52mm Hoya CPL on the X10 with just an adapter (no hood) and as soon as I turned it, my filter fell onto the concrete and broke. The Marumi stays in securely and I had NO problems turning it or having it feel "loose."

All of the following shots are straight from the camera, no PP, and all used the Marumi CPL filter that was made for the X10.

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