D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

gl2k wrote:

I'm blown. The D600 is pretty close to the D4. D800 looks weak compared to D600.

Scratching my head. Nikon puts a better sensor in a worse body compared to the D800. Kinda weird logic in some way.

It's not a better sensor than the D800. The D800E has the same ISO performance (the D800 has a few ticks less high ISO score) as the D600 is higher resolution, with better DR range, and color depth, which is why DxOMark has it as the best performing DSLR sensor-wise in history.

From DxOMark:


2979 ISO (Low-Light) score


2835 ISO (Low-Light) score


2980 ISO (Low-Light) score


2965 ISO (Low-Light) score


The fact that the D800 get close to the same high ISO performance as the D4 while providing a 36 mp image is absolutely amazing. That is why you see so many comparisons to MF cameras like the Pentax 645D, Leica S2. It's possible that you'll see some D600 comparison with MF, but clearly the D800 is the game changer because of it's super high resolution and superb ISO/DR performance.

I have a D800, and while I might buy a D600 as a backup, I'd never replace it with a D600. The better D4 AF-module, the superior VF complete with pro-level eyepiece shutter, and superior build quality are reasons enough to prefer the D800. Assuming that money is not an issue, the better IQ of the D800 make it a no-brainer in a choice between the two.

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