has dpreview heard of Pentax?

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Re: It depends

Agreed. The K5 was already an excellent APSC camera and there was no point in revising the whole model to introduce better AF and metering. In that context, evolution was definitely better than revolution. DPR did give Pentax coverage in the main body of their reporting. OTOH they did omit them from their summary. (Perhaps that does reflect the lack of a significantly different new model in a gadget obsessed world).

Much of the banter in this forum in response to Pentax at Photokina has been about whether they'd release an even higher order APSC camera than the K5 or an FF camera. Obviously they did neither. My guess would be that pro grade APSC DSLRs will be squeezed down by cheaper FFs (D600, 6D, etc) and higher grade mirror-less cameras (NEX6, 7 etc). We'll be wiser in another year or more. I'm wondering whether there will ever be a market again that will support a better Pentax APSC DSLR than what's on offer now in the K5II and K5IIs.

Food for thought. Rod

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