FX/35mm lens on a DX body?

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Chuck Yadmark
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Re: Don't buy DX lenses

As an absolute statement this is not good advice.

First of all, the day may never come that you get a full frame camera, many people won't and won't have to, as DX is completely adequate for most purposes

Second, the DX lenses don't become useless. I have a full array of FX cameras and lenses and still have some DX lenses because I have DX cameras for more casual occasions.

Using FX lenses on DX gets very expensive or even impossible when you're trying to replicate wide and superwide.

A Nikon 10-24 DX costs about 600? The 14-24 FX is about 2000?

Worst case scenario is you someday decide FX is totally for you, you can sell the DX or keep em, they're cheaper anyways.

intensity studios wrote:

Because when the day comes that you want to buy a full frame camera, your DX lens collection will be useless. FX lenses aren't much more expensive or heavy and will work with both sensor sizes.

Yes, I know you can put DX lenses on an FX body and use DX mode, but that is a hack technology and causes you to lose critical image resolution size

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