X Pro1, X-E1 or X200

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Re: A swing and a miss

rattymouse wrote:

He's got an X Pro 1, based off this: "The X Pro1 has been enormously disappointing. After the X100 expected much more for twice the price. A frustrating nightmare which is improving bit by bit for me with firmware upgrades but I think Fuji is dicking with us for future releases once we are committed ."

Clearly he had an X100 and liked it, then paid for an X Pro 1 and was very unhappy, but with each firmware upgrade it's getting slightly better for the OP.

I gave the benefit of the doubt in my original response. But it remains that the OP only registered as a user yesterday, this is their first post, and they didn't actually say what they found disappointing. I know people do often come online to vent, and if that is their genuine experience then I'm not one to deny them that. The post would have been more useful to people like me who are about to buy into the system to know what the problems have been, and whether this is just a "me too" post about the endlessly discussed AF or RAW processing, or is there something new I might want to take on board from a real user.

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