Posts that re-visit old topics,..any value?

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Re: Posts that re-visit old topics,..any value?

Almost every thing has been discussed. If you gave some people the power to nix posts/threads because that had been talked about, and they then pointed you to that one, there would be NOTHING to talk about. Except new announcements.

Q. I have a bit of a shadow then using the flash on my a77.

A. Begger off, we talked about that.

Q. I wonder what lens I should get for BIF.

A. Moron, talked about a year ago. HERE.

Q. Is there moderation of this forum.

A. Shut up, that was discussed and won't ever happen, except I'm Himself, and you are nobody.

Q. I'm new to the A77, and have a few questions.

A. We had new people before and HATE them. GTH. Bye.

See it's just that easy.

Officially, with my tongue out of my eye tooth socket, (when you have head and neck cancer they extract those eye teeth and most of the others.) I like to see the other thread, and I like to see another viewpoint. An objective viewpoint. IS that really so hard. And if you thought it was a dead horse, don't open the door and you won't smell it. Point out the other thread, and make a new one with 10 pictures of pretty girls and a big boat as a chaser!

The last sentence, well I could not help myself. Sorry CC, but it's an idea!
Officially out to lunch, not coming back.

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