X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

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Re: X-Pro1 / X-E1 vs D600

travelinbri_74 wrote:

Interesting post... I am concerned about the X-E1 for landscape because of the foliage issue with 3 color bleeding/watercolor effect... if the X-E1 were stable for landscape, my personal decision would be complete.

Watercolor effect is visible only from LR/ACR treatment. To avoid it, open the RAWs in the converter provided by Fuji in association with Silkypix, regulate contrast to low, leave everything else as it is and save as 16 bit TIFF. Then you can treat it with LR, with ample room even for white point and exposure, or in any other product you like. In the end you can throw the 16 bit TIFF away and just keep the RAW and yor final file in the format you most like. That's if you have doubts about exposure and white balance. Otherwise the out of camera Jpeg gives a beautiful quality on its own. You can also save RAW+Jpeg, use the Jpeg now and wait for a proper and practical RAW converter to appear.

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