Closing the gap at Photokina.

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Problems at the edges...

with short register.
All mirrorless have them, and they are worst the bigger the format.
See the RX1:

a 35mm eq, is only a moderate WA

azazel1024 wrote:

Sure. I'd never want a FF camera for longer lenses. It is among the reasons I also decided on my E-M5.

If done properly, ultra wides aren't an issue with a short register distance and actually you'd still have a bigger issue with FF and a short register distance than you would in m4/3 and a short register distance as far as I know with micro lensing and loss of light gathering because of the angle of the incident light.

That said, a FF ILC would generally not be at an advantage in lens size for the same field of view coverage and lens speed as a smaller format. It could generally be at least a slightly advantage in lens size comapred to FF dSLR and in some cases a fairly large advantage. For camera size, it would be at a large advantage over a FF dSLR.

Compared to smaller formats, well big camera format is still big.

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