Cured from glorifying the past!

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Re: ** years later ...

I and my cameras (NEX-7, Canon G10) are normally lurkers here but couldn't let this one go by.

A number of years ago I came home with a box of CDs that I got for a great price from one of the local stores. Proudly I handed the box to one of my sons and was dumbfounded when he refused 'em! Reason -- he had tried some of them in the past and in a very short time they had delaminated and were totally worthless. Off they went back to the store for a refund and they had a hard time believing the problem. I got my money back and learned a lesson -- ONLY BUY TOP QUALITY MEDIA.

BUT even with top quality media there is a definite lifetime dependent on storage conditions. Do not just assume that what you save has been saved AND if it's important save it in multiple places and ways to safeguard loss.

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