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DRabbit wrote:

I'm having a hard time with this choice.

I have a chance to buy an XPro-1 + 35mm f/1.4 for $1999. It's new.

I already have an XE-1 pre-ordered.

I can't afford both.

My favorite camera is the Leica M8. I can't afford an M-E. I've been watching Fuji for the last year and got a used x100 in the last few months and love it. Though I love shooting with the M8, you'd assume I use the OVF on the x100, but I end up using the EVF 90% of the time.

Size and weight difference between the XE-1 and XPro1 are probably negligible for my purposes - though I'm usually the gal that says "the smaller the better".

Biggest concern is that I do plan on using my M-lenses from time-to-time... and I wonder if the better EVF on the XE-1 would be better suited for that.

What do you think? What would YOU do?

I just bought the X-Pro1/35 1.4 package on Thursday after struggling with your same dilema since the X-E1 was announced.

My arguments were as follows:

For X-E1

  • The Zoom lens - With the X-E1 you get a very nice 18-55 2.8-4 OS, that if purchased separately is $699. So buying the kit for $1399, you essentially get the body for $700. Though I prefer shooting with primes, the wide angle end of the zoom was a major reason that I wanted the X-E1 kit, as I knew that I'd have to buy at least two lenses (18 f2 and 35 1.4) if I went with the X-Pro1 to get a wide angle FOV.

  • The Viewfinder - I prefer an optical VF to an EVF. So I went to Adorama and tried an NEX-7 (it has the same EVF as the X-E1). It is perfectly usable, but it didn't blow me away, and didn't seem dramatically better than how I remembered the X100's EVF. Clearly the specs of the OLED EVF are better, but there was still a bit of lag, and tearing when panning. As I said totally usable, but to me the Hybrid VF of the X100 or X-Pro1 are one of the best parts of the Fuji X cameras.

  • The 460 K LCD of the X-E1 vs 1.2 million dot LCD of the X-Pro1. The 920 K LCD on my D800 is bright and sharp. A joy to use. The fact that the X-Pro1 LCD is even better was significant. I'm sure the X-E1 LCD is more than adequate, but the X-Pro1 LCD tipped the scales in it's favor considerably.


  • The XF 35 1.4 R. Since this is the lens I most wanted it made sense to just go ahead an start with it. The zoom seems nice, but in a sense it doesn't fit with the rangefinder aesthetic of the X-series cameras.

  • Price - Adorama has an "X-Pro1 Bundle" which for $2,002 ($300 off the 35 1.4) you get the X-Pro1, the 35 1.4, an extra Fuji battery, a Fuji EBC coated 52mm UV filter, a very nice Slinger camera bag (seems like a rebadged Lowepro Nova), a 32 GB Sandisk Extreme III (class 10) SD card, an SD card reader and a card wallet. Since I really wanted the 35 1.4 anyway, and could get it for half price, this deal seemed like a no-brainer.

  • The Hybrid VF - Yes, please.

Finally, the X-E1 is not so expensive that I can see myself at some point adding it as a backup to the X-Pro1. The v2 Firmware has eliminated most AF issues of the X-Pro1, and will likely be the same firmware as the X-E1. Performance, even in low-light, is quite good. With this in mind, it made sense for me to start building a Fuji X system with the best, and X-Pro1.

Good luck, Markus

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