Will a X100 successor appear, what do you think ?

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Re: no rush to replace an 18-month old camera.

CraigArnold wrote:

The rumours of a new X100 were based on one small retailer putting "discontinued" instead of "out-of-stock" on their website.

The X100 continues to sell well, so there is no reason not to update it in time. However with limited development resources there is no rush to replace an 18-month old camera.

I think with fixed lenses, multiple cameras can be announced.

Because some customers may prefer 24mm instead of 36mm,
and some customers may prefer 72mm instead 36mm.

By differentiating with Focal length, different customers can be interrested.

So an X200 with 72mm focal length would get new customers despite the X100 is only 18 months old. With 24mm dto. In addition to that it would differentiate to the Sony RX1.

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