5d mk II+580 exII in TTL mode = overexpose

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Klaus dk
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You got it wrong. Really!

smartphoto wrote:

Why I use TTL? I've read on the internet that eTTL uses preflash to evaluate flash exposure, so without it (that is in TTL mode) flash could be a little bit more powerful. Maybe I got it wrong.

Yes, you got it wrong.

TTL metering can be set on the 580EX II to make it backward compatible. Digital EOS cameras have no TTL flash sensor and thus will not control a flash in this mode.
For an explanation, you might want to take a look at this source:

You may find it annoying that people here tell you off for asking a question. I think you are trying our patience when you ask a question which could have been answered with a Google search and a little reading. I think most people here are happy to help and share their knowledge, but you also have to do a little research yourself.
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