How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

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Re: How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years

Maybe the same bodies ... but sensors? They've changed the same than from D200 to D700.
Overall DxOMark sensor scores ... D800/E (95/96), D700 (80), D200 (64).

Tommot1965 wrote:

stany buyle wrote:

How little camera sensors have changed in 5 years.

Several people try to convince themselves that their old gear is as good as the latest, but unfortunately it's not.


Trying to make a point with a comparison of some downsampled pics of bottles, cards and coins in perfect studio light with a 5 year old 12mp camera against a 24 or 36 Mp cam doesn't prove anything. Even my 10 or 12 year D1H will keep up quite well in such a comparison and that kind of light...

If you compared the potential of each of your mentioned cameras about resolution, detail, DR and noise(noise in real lowlight) your conclusion and results would be very different.
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Stany Buyle

I like better one good picture in a day than 10 bad ones in a second..


I agree with you mate..but im sure many upgraders try and convince themselves that the new camera they have just done $3000 on will make their images so much better than before..something Im sure is not the case

also as good as your D1H may have been..I doubt very much it could have held its ground in the comparisons I've fact a D300s thats much better than a D1H is terrible at im pretty sure the D1h would have been worse

Im not trying to say that the current sensors aren't better..its just that over a D700/D3/D3s theres not been much improvement in 5 years ..and people seem to think that 5 years is a huge amount of time in the Digital world ..something im not seeing too much off when comparing a D600/800 to the aforementioned

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