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Re: one detail about direct link

joey_B wrote:

No one doesn't, a normal Ethernet cable will suffice. Problem only is that there is no DHCP server to assign adresses, so you would have to do so yourself.

Joey ... have you ever tried this ? I have, and I'm quite sure. In fact, for years (during the 1990s) I tried to do this, and read all sort of documentation on how to do this, and it never, ever worked for me. I had all the right IP addresses (192.168.0 ... blah, blah). And I struggled with the drivers for the cards, thinking that was the problem.

And I gave up, many times.

And then one day, maybe in 2001, I saw somebody say in a forum, about this same subject, "and don't forget to use a crossover cable !"

And I went to the store and asked for one.

And I had it working in ten minutes.

If you use a normal Ethernet cable, then the "send wire" on the connector of one end of the cable is connected to the "send wire" of the connector on the other end. And same for the "receive" wires.

By using a "crossover" cable, for the two wires, "send" is connected to "receive", and vice versa.

But in looking at a "crossover" cable it will look like, as you say, "a normal Ethernet cable", and in many ways, it is, except that the wires are crossed.

On the package it will be labeled as "cross", and the connectors are even "red". Usually.

edit: actually, looking at the Wikipedia page, it does appear that they may have added some sophistication to the modern cards, but in any case, it's a good thing to know about, and if you're using a regular non-crossed cable, and it's not working, that should be high on your list of potential problems.

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