Advise and opinion's on going Fuji or FF

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Re: Advise and opinion's on going Fuji or FF

It is crazy that the D600 is considered 'tiny' by today's FF standards. I have an FE, which isn't one of the smallest SLR's out there, and it is MUCH smaller and lighter than the D600 and has a much much better viewfinder.

I'm getting out of the digital SLR thing for anything besides work. My DSLR will stay around for product photography, and that is it. If I find the right adapter, even it will disappear.

Very excited by the X-E1 - that is, as long as it is as good as it looks to be. Would be interested in the X-Pro 1 if the hybrid was useful for more than X autofocus lenses. If I could frame, and focus using the hybrid (tiny magnification window where focus is, or in/out focus frame around the point of focus), I'd go for it. Too bad the thing is useless unless you are used to Contax G style focusing.

Ridethelight wrote:

Have had in my mind to go for the new Fuji body coming out very soon with the 18-55mm lens and adding the 35mm f1.4 and longer telephoto lens later on when released,but with the release of the Nikon D600 i am having a job to decide which avenue to take,i tried the D600 in the shop,it's tiny by FF standards and very light, i still have some older Nikon film lenses that will work a treat judging by reviews such as the 50mm f1.4,28-70mm and 70-300mm lenses,this will give me all i need,as there will be no outlay i am only looking at the price of a body,i am wondering if all of a sudden FF is not just for rich folk or pro's ?

Basically i am looking for a high quality system i can grow into,my digital background is mainly Nikon DX and a dabble with m 4/3.

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Advice/criticism/appreciation appreciated!

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