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Jumping ships - DoF

Hi there,

i currently own the first sony nex-5. I choose it over mft due to the larger sensor and the promise it did uphold for better high iso and shallower depth of field. But now i'm thinking of switching over to mft (especially since the om-d,which is pretty much eliminating the higher iso argument). I'd like to to play with a shallow DoF especially with a comfortable distance to the subject (e.g. 10 meters).

I heard the "mft is at an disadvantage when it comes to DoF" a lot. But im really wondering if it holds true? Sony is really slow at building their system. Even though they have now well positioned for everything under 50mm.

As far as i understand DoF is a function of sensor size, focal length, aperture and distance to the subject. I'm not that interested in getting a small DoF while shooting a flower at a distance of 1m. The longer the distance the more interesting to me (e.g Street photography + not scaring people away).

And i'm seriously wondering if mft as a system is actually better suited for shallow DoF Photos?

The best i can get with Sony Nex is the 50mm 1.8 which gives me approx. the Dof of the 45mm f1.8 olympus. But on mft i coudl do even better wiht let's say the 75mm 1.8 ot the 60mm macro. This of cource is the theory. But in practice is mft really giving me the shallower DoF pictures i so enjoy? (the "APS-C is better for DoF" still ringing in my ears)

from DoF calculator:

(total DoF at distance of ) 2m - 5m - 10m - 15m

MFT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
12 f2.0 - 2.00m - x - x - x
17 f2.8 - 1.27m - 15.70m - x - x
19 f2.8 - 0.98m - 8.91m - x - x
20 f1.7 - 0.51m - 3.48m - 20.80m - 263.80m
25 f1.4 - 0.27m - 1.74m - 7.65m - 20.60m
30 f2.8 - 0.37m - 2.48m - 12.10m - 42.20m
45 f1.8 - 0.10m - 0.66m - 2.67m - 6.16m
60 f2.8 - 0.09m - 0.58m - 2.38m - 5.45m
75 f1.8 - 0.04m - 0.23m - 0.95m - 2.14m
(35)-100 f2.8 - 0.03m - 0.21m - 0.84m - 1.90m
[150 f2.8 - 0.01m - 0.09m - 0.37m - 0.84m]

NEX --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
16 f2.8 - 2.17m - x - x - x
19 f2.8 - 1.37m - 20.00m - x - x
24 f1.8 - 0.50m - 3.40m - 19.90m - 196.40m
30 f2.8 - 0.50m - 3.46m - 20.60m - 246.20m
35 f1.8 - 0.23m - 1.48m - 6.33m - 16.10m
50 f1.8 - 0.11m - 0.71m - 2.89m - 6.70m

(sorry the table looked better in edit mode)

Sony Alpha NEX-5
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