Is Ken Rockwell's review credible?

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Re: IMHO Ken was waaaaaay too quick to write it off...

If you do google search for A55 reviews you'll see that the vast majority of professional reviews (including DPR's review) are highly positive, not to mention the numerous awards this camera won. I did a lot of research before buying my A55, and off the top of my head, I think that Ken Rockwell's review was the only majorly negative one that I came across from a professional reviewer. There are areas where Ken certainly knows his stuff, but I agree with the others that he seems to have a notable CaNikon bias.

I'm not saying that the A55 doesn't have its flaws (and certainly you'll find them listed in a number of the reviews), but then no camera is perfect. It all comes down to what suits you as an individual. Basically, what are the strengths you need, and what are the flaws you can or can't live with? Personally I find it almost amusing how quickly Ken wrote it off - from the focus he gave to some pretty minor issues (e.g. didn't like the way the camera organised the files on the memory card) it seems like he had decided that he wasn't going to like it before he'd even opened the box. Even his comments about IQ in the conclusion are difficult to understand - he basically says he doesn't like the way the camera's images look, and prefers the way CaNikon images look, but doesn't actually say specifically what it is he doesn't like (though to his credit he does acknowledge that it is a subjective matter). Maybe it didn't suit his photography style or his personal taste in how images should look, but there are tons of photos on the internet (including many from users of this forum) that show that this camera is capable of taking fantastic shots.

As a side note, if you're thinking about buying an A55 (I'm assuming this is the case since you're asking for feedback on this review), I'd recommend looking at an A57 too. So long as you don't need the in-built GPS and don't mind a camera that is a bit chunkier, then it has quite a few incremental improvements over the A55 (e.g. better video capabilities, better EVF etc) and isn't that much more expensive.

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