Canon 6D - epic fail

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Re: Canon 6D - epic fail

I think the addition of wi-fi and gps and the extremely low light at which it can focus make this camera better than what many people say. At this level, anyway, how many are going to need dual card slot? and the frames per second won't be a deal breaker either. It is still the smallest and lightest full frame camera on the market. I think what will be a deal breaker is how its autofocus system will perform. If it works well and if the camera doesn't have the glitches recent Canon products have displayed (e.g. grip problems in the 650D, misaligned lens in its S100, firmware problems in the 40mm pancake lens, light leak in the 5DIII) it could be a winner (although not a spectacular turning point in history). My only gripe is that probably its files will not open on CS4, which bothers me a lot and which is what makes me stick to my old 1DsII. I hate having to upgrade Photoshop to ever more useless and complicated versions.

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