Do consider RX100 to be 28-200 camera ? (just me rambling) ...

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normsmith Veteran Member • Posts: 3,372
A qualified yes

I am increasingly returning to Jpeg and just using this as a shooter without getting too hung up on pixel peeping in PP like I used to.

I keep my Clear Zoom switched on and treat it like an 18 - 200 BUT be aware that once you are into the clear zoom portion of the range, you lose the ability to meter or focus manually, so for example using spot focus when shooting against a bright background can't be done manually and you are in the hands of the auto system.

having said that, it has never realluy caused me a problem and the sensor resolution is so good, I have no problem using ordinary focus to get those manual controls and then going for a big crop.

The camera is an excellent all round performer.
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