Travel Kit for D800: Extensive but small AF lenses

Started Sep 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
whoosh1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,573
Very good set: AF 20mm f/2.8D, AF-S 50mm f/1.4g, 105mm micro VR

Each would fulfill a good need and provide something the other 2 don't as well as a good focal length choice.

20mm would be a tiny lens compared to 14-24 - have both while it is not as great as 14-24 not bad if you stop down to f/5.6. A real fun wide.

50mm would provide a reasonably cheap access to f/1.4 and still tiny enough - I know 1.8g is good but one really fast lens out of the travel set of 3 always helps.

105mm vr would double as a macro and as a portrait.

Additional cool thing about the set is almost same filter size (62 mm) with a step up 58-62 mm ring for the 50mm.

There may be better lenses at / near these focal lengths but this is a good mix that would open up the possibilities with a reasonably small kit / shoulder bag.

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