45mm vs Legacy 50mm

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Re: 45mm vs Legacy 50mm

Marshall1 wrote:

I am thinking of getting the OLY 45mm. Has anyone compared this lens to an Olympus legacy lens at 50mm 1.8?

Apart from the lack of AF, in theory they should produce similar results. Any input?

on what camera?

they will both likely out resolve every Oly camera(sensor) so you prolly will not see a difference once the OM is a stopped down a click or two. wide open the OM is as expected from these lenses susceptible to bloom/ghost (call it whatever you want but it looks as though fog is between object and lens/like a soft filter is on the lens.
i tried my OM 1.8 vs 50F2 vs Konica Hex 57mm 1.2. on an EM-5

at 2.8 and beyond the OM is every bit as good(enough for me) as the Dzuiko50F2 for anything i can think of to use. the 57mm 1.2 took a bit more stopping down to compare/compete.

E1/grip, E500, Zuiko 7-14, 40-150, 70-300, 50/F2.Panaleica 14-150, 25/1.4

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