How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

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Re: How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

Had an a850 for awhile but my company wanted video too so I switched back to a Canon 5d m2, now I've put my whole Canon system up for sale, L lenses and all for the a99.

Something few talk about is the uncompressed video out, paired with an HDMI recorder to SSD I can pull data no other DSLR and few video cameras under a few thousand dollars are capable of. I admit I'm massively disappointed that they weatherproofed the body while almost no lenses do the same. Agree that the focus area is too small, but it appears to be better than my 5dm2 (I still say the focus points appear to be designed for an APS-C sensor), feel the need to smack a Sony designer for not at LEAST offering contrast AF for manual video mode, seriously give us the focus firmware out of an nex-5n and I'll be happy, we know the camera can do it because it has face detect contrast AF for faces outside the central point cluster... this is a flagship so I hope for an update. If you didn't know, the video only allows auto exposure if you wish to use the AF, ridiculous for a camera that sells itself largely on video and AF abilities.

I know people in this forum will whine to me about saying this, but when I had the a850 nobody took me seriously (I work all day around other photogs, when they look down on you around clients it becomes a problem and rather than see my work or listen to WHY I was using it the other guys got more sets than me, I lost a lot of money). I already know most of the guys I work with take the a99 seriously, and working with constant lighting (mostly indoors) I really like the EVF. My 21mp 5dm2 was always more than enough resolution for our work (one guy already has a 1DX, the images are stunning, and even my old funtime x100 has done excellent 13x19 prints many times), so all I see is a modernization of the Sony lineup. Besides they weren't really competing in the traditional SLR field (they made excellent cameras, but I can't think of anyone I've ever worked with that switched and stayed), it takes something daring to topple the monopoly of what people perceive as professional, and in my job perception is the starting point, so Sony has given me a way to come back to them.

Pre-order placed with grip, 24-70 zeiss, 135mm zeiss, and will rent a few lenses once I get it to decide the rest. Also going to buy a used a850 for those really bright outdoor shoots I'd do better with an optical finder for stills.

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