XPro1 or XE1

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Thanks so much everyone... and another decision...

Good advice in this thread.... and I appreciate it! I think my lack of patience is eating away at me (waiting for the XE1) and I was just looking for a way to justify the XPro-1... but really, you are all right, the XE1 is likely the better choice for me.

The fill flash, smaller size and better EVF, for my purposes, is really the way to go. I just have to suck it up and wait. I also like the fact I can get two lenses and the body for the price.

Now the other choice, for those still with me - LOL - 18mm and 35mm lenses are no-brainers for me, but I'm sure I want something in-between.

Do I go for 25mm f/4 or 28mm f/2 (or even 1.9 if I can find one). Either would be Voigtlander, a brand I have a few lenses from already and I love...
28mm might be a little too close to the 35mm, but faster...

25mm seems better suited as the in-betweener, but widest is f/4. However other bonus is it's a pretty darn tiny lens and could make for a great small kit.
I do still plan to keep the x100 for now...


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