D600 + AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

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Re: D600 + AF-S 50mm f/1.8G

Photographer124 wrote:

mironv wrote:

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You are shooting a people standing still with 50MM lens at 1/320 sec at ISO 6400 for what reason?? You know that you can shot same thing with 1/50 sec at ISO 800.

If he wants to shoot at iso 25600 every day and every night at 1/4000, he can do that. Why would he need a reason ?

besides, 1/50 is not fast enough, a small movement of the hand or subject and the picture is compromised. You need at least 1/150 to make sure that photo is sharp.

Interesting how there's always an idiot throwing a comment on one's technique or judgement. Just enjoy the darn photo and shut your pie hole up.

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There is nothing to enjoy in that picture and small movemant in a person hand or other part of body dose not make a bad picture.If you need 1/150 at 50mm for a person that stands still than you need to work on your camera hand holding. 50mm I can do 1/30 no problem.

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