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check your in box for renewal deals from GoDaddy, too

Jim Cockfield wrote:

I get coupon codes from GoDaddy all the time, too (since I have a domain name registered with them) for xx% amount off my next order kind of thing.

You can also find them online at coupon sites. Some of the higher percentage codes are only good for new customers. But, some of them also work for renewals.

For example, I just found one via a Google Search and read customer comments about it, and comments said it worked for renewals. See the comments about the 17% Site Wide code at the top of the list here for example:


But, I'd check your in box first. For example, not long after a renewal notice, I got another one that said 22% off to "renew now."

Then, I got one showing 33% to renew right after that one. I haven't renewed yet. But, that's probably going to be their best offer. lol

See the below screen capture showing the last e-mail (from Wednesday of this week), with a link that would give me 33% off to renew: You can't see the subject line on the screen capture (since I scrolled down past it as not to post my e-mail address). But, it had a subject line of "Be you on the Web - at HUGE savings. Renew and save 33% OFF"

So, you may have something like that in your In Box if you're getting closer to renewal time (the first e-mail I got was just a renewal notice, then the next one was for 22% off to renew now, then the last one I got was for 33% off).

The domain doesn't even expire until towards the end of November. So, they may start hitting you with renewal notices and deals well in advance.

Now, when I look at the "Contact Preferences" under my Account Info there, I am allowing them to send me Promotion stuff. So, I get a lot of junk mail from them with it set that way. But, you may find you get some offers for better deals on renewing if you haven't seen any so far if you change those settings and let them send you junk mail like that. They're sending them to the e-mail address shown under Domain Registration Details (not an address associated with the domain I have with GoDaddy).

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