Which One of these Bridge Cameras Would You Take or You Think is the BEST?

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Re: Which One of these Bridge Cameras Would You Take or You Think is the BEST?

What about the reported noise when shooting jpegs?
Some have said it's too bad to even consider.

GeraldW wrote:

I currently own the Panasonic FZ150 and FZ200. Before those, I had the Panasonic FZ28 and FZ35, although I preferred the FZ28. And before the Panasonics I had the Canon S3IS, the S5IS, and the SX10IS. I still have several Canons (G11, SX230HS, S90, A710IS, and a 60D) So it's not a brand bias.

I'm not into serious birding, so 600 mm equivalent was enough for my use. If that's your "thing" then the longer focal lengths of the SX40HS and the SX50HS might be valuable to you. On my FZ150 or FZ200, I can use my Olympus TCON 17 tele extender to get 1020 mm equivalent.

But lets get back to the basics. The Panasonic FZ200 has a far, far better EVF than any of the others. The FZ150 and FZ200 have fast AF - it rivals my 60D and beats the SX40HS.

Color used to be an issue with Panasonic, as compared to Canon. Some models still have issues, but the FZ150 and FZ200 are very Canon-like.

Ok, we're down to the lenses. Both the FZ150 and FZ200 are considerably faster than the either Canon. It's the trade off for the very long focal lengths of the Canons. It makes the FZ's much better for general purpose use. Further, the Canon lenses both go to small apertures very quickly as you zoom and are at f/5 or f/5.6 as soon as 100 mm. In contrast, the FZ150 is f/4 at 300 mm. The FZ200, of course, is f/2.8 over the whole range.

This last weekend, I took my FZ200 to a college hockey game. The FZ200 is quick enough to catch the peak of the action. And the f/2.8 lens allowed me to use ISO 400. If I tried that with an SX50HS, I'd be shooting most of the game at ISO 1600.

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